Packing, Planning & Removal Services

With our packing and moving service, we help businesses relocate or help them during a renovation period. A planning meeting and survey will be arranged to discuss all the main areas of your business you wished to be packed.
We at Wrap n Pack will do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum and how we can do this is by discussing any concerns you might have, we then we find the right solution for all involved.

While at the meeting we will discuss all things that will make your business internal move a success.  The main areas we will be discussing is the packing of offices and archive storage rooms, we can offer crates to pack this.  We will need to know if you would like your own staff to pack up there individual desks or if you require us to do so.  We also will need to discuss disconnecting IT equipment and reconnecting in the new premisses.

While on the meeting and survey we can see whether any specialist packing equipment is required.

At Wrap n Pack we take health and safety very serious so an health and safety risk assessment is very important.  We can take you through how we pack and label crates/boxes so when moving to the new premises or internal things go smoothly.  We want to make sure all staff involved with the move are as aware of whats going on as we do, moving office for staff can be a very stressful time so keeping all involved in the picture really helps. Our packing and moving service will help your business focus on your business - so this packing and moving period disrupt your business activity.

We can offer dismantling and reassembling of furniture where required.

As a company if you wish to hire Wrap n Pack for an internal move while using your own supervisor we can acommadate this also with a daily rate per person.

There are lots of things to think about on an office move so let us at Wrap n Pack make your move a great experience.

• Packing of offices
• Dismantling of furniture
• Move offices internal
• Reassembling of furniture
• Unpacking of boxes/crates
• Disconnecting IT equipment
• Setting up IT equipment